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About Me

I am an experienced licensed psychotherapist. In my private practice in Bergen County, NJ, I work primarily with adults, couples, adolescents as well as children and their families. I believe that each human chooses their own path in life and in healing, and therefore I offer a broader approach to therapy than the traditional talk therapy. 

After graduating with a masters degree (MSW) from Rutgers University in NJ, I completed extensive training in trauma treatment (including EMDR); advanced training (2.5 years) in Jungian Sand Therapy, and a 5-year post-graduate training in psychoanalysis at New Jersey Institute for Psychoanalysis. In 2020 I added to my practice equine-assisted programs for individuals, couples, families  and organizations. These take place at Wise Horse Ranch in Branchville, NJ. 

Prior to becoming a therapist, my career included 10 years in marketing positions in several technology companies. I earned a masters degree in business (MBA) from MCNY, NY and I hold a BA degree in Humanities with a major in philosophy from Israel. 

In addition to English, I am fluent in Hebrew & Russian. 

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Inna Danieli, LCSW, PsyA, MBA


Specializing in Anxiety & Depression Treatments, Trauma & Couple Therapy


Anxiety is not a feeling, even though we all "feel" it once in a while. Although, hopefully it is not experienced daily (since it could be paralyzing or aggravating), anxiety is a symptom that provides us with an important alert mechanism that "something is off" in our life, and in our psyche.

Couple Therapy

Couple therapy usually promotes communication among spouses. While verbal expression of your inner world seems to be the center of couple therapy for years, it represents only approximately 10% of human communication. How do we communicate then?


We all heard this word. What does it actually mean to "feel" depressed? What kind of emotions are hidden behind the burdening fatigue, or endless agitation? What is the value of depression and how does that feeling attempt to protect us?


We often hear someone ask: "Are you still talking about something that happened 30 years ago? Move on!" There is a reason that people do not move on as quickly as it is expected by others who weren't affected by the event or the relationship. This is one of the signs of a psychological trauma. 


The quality of our relationships are the very basic condition for our sense of satisfaction in life. Not only do we like to be surrounded by supportive, like-minded people; we simply can not survive alone. How do we improve our relationships?

Adolescent Therapy

The most complicated and conflicted time of human's life is their adolescence. The changes in the brain urge us to adopt risk taking behavior. Have you ever thought that without these changes, no teenager would be able to step into the world and separate from their parents? 

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