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Frequently Asked Questions (EFT)

What is the address?

38 Gunn Road. Branchville, NJ, 07826
When you pull into the farm, follow the signs towards the meeting room on the right of a large red building - the indoor riding arena. 



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What should I wear?
What should I bring?

- Closed-toes shoes (preferably hiking shoes, boots)

- Do not wear your best clothes – horses will touch it and sometimes you may step in the puddle or mud (it is a farm!)
- Weather appropriate clothes; preferably layers; it gets cold in the morning! Remember, we are outside the entire time!
- Hot summer: bring a hat if necessary

- Colder days: bring winter jacket, gloves and a hat - it is never redundant since we do not know what horses have in mind for you (you might be running a lot or standing still).

- Bottle/s of water
- A bandana or scarf for individual use. If you do not have one - we will provide one for you. 

- A warm jacket for colder days – it will be colder than you imagine if you rely on the weather app.

What should I expect?
How long will the session last?

- There will be no horseback riding
- You will spend time in close proximity of a horse or several horses
- You will be observed and guided by a facilitator/s throughout the experience

- Lunch will be provided for sessions over four hours per day


We recommend an hotel approximatelly15 minutes drive from the Wise Horse Ranch.

Name: Holiday Inn Express And Suites Newton.

Address: 8 North Park Drive, Newton, NJ, 07860, US

- From 60-90 minutes for an individual session (1 or 2 individuals)

- Workshop's length depends on the needs of the group of 4 participants (typical one-day duration workshop is six hours). 
- There is no break for lunch if the session is less than three hours
- we will have bathroom breaks as needed 


The closest major airport is Newark Liberty Airport, located 57 miles and approximately 70 minutes drive by car (without traffic). 

It is approximately two and a half hours drive (130 miles) from the Philadelphia International Airport. 

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