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Our Human and Equine Team

Inna Danieli, LCSW, PsyA & MBA

The journey to equine facilitated professional work for Inna is a journey of passion. Highly driven by her desire to enhance traditional talk therapy while expanding the therapeutic field into leadership and management development, Inna initially created a equine assisted personal and professional growth program at Whispering Pines Farm in Sparta with her equine specialist partner Donna Lombardi. 

After Donna's departure from New Jersey (see the updates), Inna and her three horses settled in Branchville, NJ where she established Wise Horse Ranch with her husband Ilan Danieli, who is an experienced business executive and a horse lover. 


Inna Danieli is practicing equine-assisted psychotherapy using multiple modalities including Herd model and is a certified EAGALA practitioner.

Keren Talmor, MA

When it come to non-verbal communication and understanding body language cues, Keren is the master in the field. She brings to the team about 20 years experience communication with preverbal infants, parents' coaching of children from infancy to adulthood. 

Keren's intuition is one of her many incredible assets. 

IMG_2176 (1).jpg

Keren with Kody

Doreen Higham

Doreen has been around horses her entire life and is the owner of three horses at Wise horse Ranch - Dasher, George and Cartman. 

As equine specialist , Doreen's job is to ensure everyone's safety in the arena. Her quiet presence is essential for successful 


Doreen's two horses with a friend

Ilan Danieli, MBA

Ilan is a big animal lover who brings to the team the practical approach for organizational development and team-building expertise. With over 25 years experience in management in private and public sectors, Ilan is irreplaceable asset when corporate executive team arrive to the ranch for professional development. 


Ilan with one of the horses at the ranch


19-year-old “sweet-as-a cookie” Appaloosa horse with adorable “chocolate chips” dots all over his strong body, Kody is one of the favorites humans choose to spend time with. Kody’s good-natured personality makes him a curious, gentle, human-loving member of the herd. His kind and tender temperament makes him a wonderful and a reliable herd member, and often makes him a bit of a push over near other more dominant members of the herd. Kody teaches humans how to become leaders by following them precisely how the Leader’s role is to be used correctly. 


Kody - Sweet Chocolate Chips Cookie


This majestic 17-year-old Thoroughbred is your ultimate combination of beauty and power. His presence is captivating. As a young horse, Master was a winner on the race track (his official name was “Master Mariner”), yet he was subjected to the pressures of the perfection demanded in order to win. The ongoing stress as youngster left Master with the remanence of some anxiety. Master teaches humans the gentle use of power, and how to be the leader you would like to have.

master 2.jpg

Master in the field with the herd


Don’t be mistaken by Snow’s relatively smaller size. This 14-year-old half Arabian/half Quarter horse carries the quiet power of a wounded healer. Although we don’t fully know Snow’s story, we do know he encountered some form of rough treatment from humans. It shows in his careful approach to seeking connections with humans – but only on his terms: natural curiosity combined with the life experience of seeking control. The latter makes Snow a great teacher of boundary setting and discovery of the personal space.


Snow in the winter


This massive 14-year-old Quarter horse  with his shiny black color radiates with elegance and strength. George is a Western barrel racing horse and still participates in the horse shows. He loves interacting with new people who show up for personal development and management skills workshops. His solid presence adds to the sense of safety.


George in the watcher role


What does it take to be the head of a tribe? Maybe it is the “dashing” personality? It is clearly the not the age in Dasher’s case. This 21-year-old chestnut Quarter horse is not the oldest in the herd, but carries the undeniable true leader’s role. Dasher’s powerful non-verbal cues move horses around with no drama or aggression. His demeanor is cool and stable – he knows what he wants and gets it with minimum amount of energy required for the task, while preserving relationship among the herd members. A natural leader.


Dasher is a slow eater and prefers his grain mixed water


The name says it all! Cartman received his name from a character in the South Park TV show. He is an 18-year-old miniature horse with a very independent mind, yet with a strong connection to the herd. Cartman seeks connections with humans with his full heart and enjoys touching and hugs. His small size removes the intimidation humans sometimes feel when being close to a full-size horse. Cartman is curious and will teach humans the meaning of gentle touch and vulnerability. George took upon himself the role of Cartman’s protector.


Cartman during summer time

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