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My Approach

I approach each treatment with a careful assessment of each individual's strengths and needs. Some people are looking for quick practical solutions (like EMDR or CBT) while others are interested in uncovering their meaning in life, and engage in a longer treatment of psychoanalysis.

I believe that emotions always trump reason; therefore recognizing your feelings can significantly increase the quality of your relationships, and of your life. 


Practicing in the Western world, I am aware of its general cultural emphasis on thinking rather than feeling; performing vs. being; competing vs. cooperating. Our goal-oriented society often neglects the basic human needs of slowing down, and reassessing your life. The pandemic has forced us to pause and think, and to operate in our suddenly restricted lives and seek new ways of coping with challenges. . 

“When written in Chinese, the word "crisis" is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity”. - John F. Kennedy

Every individual has strengths. During difficult times in life, these strengths are challenged and tested, often to the point that it feels like there is no hope for change or understanding by friends and family. It is a terribly lonely place to be in. If you are in such a situation, pick up a phone and call for help. It is one of your “strength moments”.


My services:

45 minutes session

60 minutes session 

120+ minutes session for

equine facilitated learning

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