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Updates on the status of Equine Facilitated Leadership & Therapy Program

Date:  Sunday, September, 10th, 2023 

<< One minute short video update

It took me sometime to post the update on the equine facilitated program that originated at Whispering Pines Farm in Sparta. On April 1st, 2023 our three horses successfully moved to their new and forever home in Branchville, NJ. 

On Sep 15th, 2023 we mark six months anniversary since we purchased the horse ranch. 

<< Five minutes longer video update

Date:  Monday, Dec 5th, 2022

The initial adjustment to the new barn seems to be going the best it can. While Master lost some weight probably as the result of the stress of the move, all the horses enjoy the outside during the day and seems to accept the stalls that they need to be closed in at night. 

A few days ago they all participated in the first workshop at the new barn. They were great teachers as always. I will begin to schedule therapy sessions as well beginning January 2023. 

Meanwhile in the sunny Florida: all the horses have arrived safely and you can see the video of the boys  - Dusty, Dalton, RL and Kota - running in a beautiful grassy area. Donna shared that Dalton is staying in the company of both boys and girls - Paisley and Daisy. 


Snow was curious to see what is it in my hand (iPhone) that I am so fascinated by.

This is the look that he gave me. 

Date:  Monday, Nov 28th, 2022
Date:  Monday, Nov 21st, 2022

Quick update: The transportation date of Kody, Snow and Master was set on Sunday November 27th, 2022 (early morning). 

I strongly recommend for anyone who is interested to say good bye to Whispering Pines Farm with all the horses are still present at the farm - please coordinate with Donna for this week or the Saturday. 


You are all welcome to come to visit Kody, Snow and Master at the new place from December 1st, 2022. Please reach out to me and we will coordinate to meet there. They would love to see anyone that they know (and if you come with carrots - you will create even more excitement). 

The new farm requires to sign a form that I will obtain and provide. 

Date:  Sunday, Nov13th, 2022

This message is to all of you who were involved in equine facilitated learning or therapy program at Whispering Pines farm in Sparta. 

Donna Lombardi, our wonderful equine specialist and therapeutic riding instructor is leaving NJ on December 1st, 2022 and relocating to Florida. She is planning to take her horses -Kota, Dalton, RL, Dusty, Paisley and Daisy - with her. 


Saying goodbye is a very important process in life, and is needed for our psyche to process loss and grief.  In our western culture it is acceptable to mourn death, but intangible losses are often forgotten. Sometimes we don’t even consider it as a loss. But it is. These horses provided each of you with a gift of connection, insight, a life lesson or a deep transformative experience that affected you and your way of being in this world. Knowing that that they are nearby and you can reconnect when you need them provides sense of comfort and safety. Therefore, feelings of sadness and anger (particularly because of the unplanned separation) are normal, and expected. There is no pain of loss without these two. Please allow yourself or your child to feel these feelings.  They are needed for humans both now, and in a long run as well. For those wishing to speak to me about it, please reach out to me at 917-3636302. I will be happy to provide individual guidance on how best to manage the situation. If you wish to coordinate the final meeting with these horses at the farm, please reach out to Donna and I hope that she will be able to accommodate you.


I will also update you periodically on the horses’ lives in Florida and upload photos, once they are all settled in their new place. 


Who is staying in NJ?

At this moment I am looking for a new home for my three horses (Kody, Snow and Master) and within the next few weeks they will be moving to another farm in NJ, where they can live together as a herd. My goal is to find a place that is closer to Bergen County than Sparta. (it is not that simple because I want them to live together outside, rather than in the inside the stall)

While I am in a transition now and some things are not in place yet, I am determined to come up with a solid plan for the continuation of the equine facilitated leadership and therapy programs by early 2023. I am committed to this valuable program and will be devoting more time to it myself, as well as building a new team that I will train and teach in order to continue to provide this important type of support for you. 

I will keep the updates on my website until everyone is settled in. 

When one door closes, another opens. That door will bring a new form and the continuation of the equine facilitated leadership and therapy program that Donna and I developed at the Whispering Pines Farm. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 917-3636302.

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