Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a well researched and documented technique for trauma and anxiety therapy. 

I find it effective with single-event, past traumas and repetitive relational traumas of the past; however it is also helpful to address future worry situations and engage in the bilateral stimuli of the body that holds our emotions in its different parts. 

EMDR sessions usually take 60 minutes or longer. Typically, I recommend not to schedule important meetings an hour or two after the treatment in order to allow the body and mind to absorb the process.  

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Certified by EMDRIA

Animal  Assisted Therapy

Therapy Dog: The presence of a calm and non-aggressive animal can help humans regulate their blood pressure and breathing, provide comfort and emotional support.

While a small dog can create a significant positive change for humans, a gentle giant like a Leonberger adds additional components to a therapeutic interaction. Queen's impressive and majestic look elicits feelings of awe in the room; its large size brings a stronger body to hug, and allows the development of trust in the interaction with an animal with big teeth that aren't dangerous when being fed blueberries. It alsogives younger children a sense of control over a living creature as big as a 150 lbs dog. 

Therapy dogs are usually dogs who are calm by nature and who have successfully complete the appropriate obedience training and have obtained proper certification. Each dog must pass a Therapy Dog Test provided by designated organizations. 


Certified therapy dog Queen (Breed: Leonberger).

The young puppy (Mufasa) is just visiting my office.

Equine Therapy: Horses are prey animals who have survived for million of years by living in a herd and communicating with each other via quick non-verbal cues. Since 90% of human communication is non-verbal, there is a lot that horses can teach us about relationships. 

Besides the traditional equine therapy of grounding and self-regulating work, I offer workshops for individuals and families that involve developing boundary setting skills, leadership skills for corporate managers, and improving human-to-human relationship via a human-to-horse relationship

The non-judgmental nature of horses helps humans overcome past traumatic events, and uncover their strengths and powers. 

Sessions with horses are usually at least two hours. 

The sessions do not involve horseback riding; the work will be done at the local farm in Sparta, NJ.  

Inna Danieli horse equine hand connectio

I am a strong believer in cooperation between the species and horses' ability to amplify our feelings. 

Jungian Sand Therapy

I learned about Sand Play therapy in my second year of grad school and I immediately knew that I would like to know more, much more, about it. In 2009 I was lucky to meet, take a course and was supervised by Lois Carey, the author of a book on Sand Play Therapy and a student of the famous Swiss psychologist Dora Kalff, the founder of the 'World Technique" in 1950s. 

"Playing" the director of your world in the sand became my passion and I proceeded with extensive education and implementing it in my private practice.

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Certified Sand Play Therapist (adults and kids).

Member of Sand Play Therapists Association (STA).